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Who we are and how to contact us

Griffon Holidays is run by Ian and Jo Parsons, based in Extremadura, Spain. Before setting up Griffon Holidays, both Ian and Jo worked for the Forestry Commission in England. Ian worked as a Ranger for nearly 20 years specialising in the conservation of some of Britain’s rarest wildlife, including Dormice, Nightjars and Goshawks. The author of various books, including A Birding Miscellany and A Years Birding in Extremadura: What to see and when to see it, Ian also writes articles for many magazines, including Britain's best selling birding magazine, Bird Watching and Peregrine, the magazine of the Hawk and Owl Trust.

Ian will be your guide and having first visited the region in 1994 he has built up a very good extensive knowledge of the wildlife of Extremadura. Both Ian and Jo are passionate about Extremadura and can’t wait to be able to show you the incredible wealth of wildlife that it has to offer.

Prices start at just £800 per person for our tours. If you would like to book on to one of our tours or find out more about what we offer then please contact us.

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telephone 0044 (0)7799 804255

Have a look at our YouTube channel for a taster of some of the species to be found in Extremadura.


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Azure Winged Magpie

This stunning bird is a real jewel and the close views we get of them as part of the tours are always a highlight for our clients. If you want to get photographs of these beautiful birds then our spring tours are for you.


What our customers have said about us

'We can't thank you enough'

Robert, Manchester

'Been an excellent trip, we really appreciated being able to go at our pace'

Sonia, Manchester

'I was very impressed with Ian's knowledge of the birds and I feel my raptor ID has improved as a result of being guided by Ian'

Liz, Ireland 

'Thanks for a memorable trip and helping me to fulfill a dream of a lifetime - Extremadura in the Spring!'

Derek, Bangor

'I thought Ian led the tour very well and appreciated his knowledge of the area and its birds'

Ted, Rugby

'Very enjoyable, loved every minute'

Graham, Cumbria

'Really can't think of anything to improve this tour, it was simple, easy and totally enjoyable.'

April, London.

'I would recommend Griffon Holidays to birders of any experience. Alcántara is a great base and the resident birds in the locality are fantastic.'

Karen, Stockport.